The 70 % of the products made in the cooperative are sold abroad. Our most important customers offer the sewn, embroidered, woven or felt gift products of Heves for sale on Austrian, German, French, Italian, Japanese and American markets. We take part in the foreign trade partly independently, partly by assistant executives. We work in agreement of our customers in the field of product innovation, market research and meeting quickly all demands.

The home customers can buy the products of Heves in the folk art shops in Budapest and in big cities. The cooperative has folk art shops in Heves, Bodony, Mátraderecske, Tarnaméra and Recsk. We hope that our visitors can get acquainted with the craftsmanship and buy the products made in these workshops.

You can buy woven and embroidered home textiles, wide range of tableclothes and curtains, felt gift products, embroidered ladies’ blouses, felt children’s and adults’ vests, wool coats in our showrooms. The linen and wool textiles designed by our applied artists go well with qualified potteries.

We work with wholesalers, catalogue stores and retailers as well. As outworker we undertake to make needlework decoration and labour-intensive products.

The handweaving, the hand-embroidery, the sewn product-making, the appliquéd decorations, the knitting, crocheting and knotting make our work well-known and popular in the European and American markets.

Our products can be ordered in the center of the cooperative and in the showrooms in different sizes. We offer discount and payment reduction to the retailers.

Trade management
Mrs Vera Báder
Ms Nikoletta Tóth
marketing manager
Mrs Miklós Kiss
Manager of central stores
Mrs Pál Kovács
Manager of sewn department

Our showrooms
3360 Heves, Kossuth út 28.
+(36) 36/346-811
Mrs László Tari
3243 Bodony, Kossuth út 29.
+(36) 36/444-057
Mrs János Kovács
3246 Mátraderecske, Deák u. 1.
+(36) 36/476-719
Mrs Anikó Kis Vidi
3245 Recsk, Kossuth út 118
+(36) 36/478-444
Mrs Ferenc Kovács
Greatest business partners:
FOLKART Craftsmanhouse
1052 Budapest, Régiposta u. 12.
Tel: 36/1/318-5143
Árvalányhaj BT.
1072 Budapest, Rákóczi u. 32.
Tel: 36/1/342-0753
Folk Art Shop
6720 Szeged, Kárász u. 9.
Tel: 36/62/423-029

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